She bangs



I got a haircut! I feel like I'm always jumping around from salon to salon, and since moving to a new neighborhood, there I was again looking for another salon near me to go to. Though I love Self Salon in my old neighborhood of Williamsburg, I didn't feel like making the trek from one part of Brooklyn to the other... After some (intensive) research, I finally found a place that I felt could be promising: Salon 718. I made an appointment with the owner of the salon, Michaella, whom I read did really great cuts. 

The look:
I wanted to go a bit shorter with bangs and throw a bunch of layers in there. 

My ratings:
For the entire experience, I'd give  3.8 stars.

For the haircut, I'd give it a solid 4 stars.

The service was a little slow. At Self and Devachan, they were very quick to get my hair washed and me into the chair. In fact at Self, Jeff my stylist actually washed and cut my hair which I really liked. Plus, it was only one tip to shell out. 

At Salon 718, I sat at the wash station for probably 10 minutes waiting for someone to wash my hair... Seriously one of my pet peeves! Both at Devachan and Self those transitions were seamless. However, when I met with Michaella, she was very attentive and offered some good hair tips.   

Honestly, I feel like no matter what cut I get it comes out looking the same, but I must say it's a  really nice change and I feel like I want to stay at this length. It's so much easier taking care of my hair when it's a bit shorter. 

There's my quick and dirty review! 


Fresh from the salon.

Fresh from the salon.

Side view.

Side view.

jean paul gaultier @ the brooklyn museum

Ringing in the first few days of the New Year with a little fashion! These are a few images from the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. It was AWESOME! The exhibition showcases a huge amount of his work which allows you to see the evolution of his style through the ages. Loved every moment of it! 

(The last image is of Naomi Campbell wearing an entire Gaultier bodysuit -- she is not nude).

Happy New Year, everyone!

Couch Soliloquy


We're finally setting into our new place, and I'm spending lots of time thinking of decoration ideas for the new place. With oh so much excitement and zeal.

Recently, we've been shopping around for a new couch, since our cute and furry friend destroyed our last one.

I would like something vintage-inspired, something which does not resemble our clearly recognizable IKEA Karlstad. We have a real grown up apartment now, so it's time to think more along the lines of...West Elm.

So many couches to choose from, oh boy! But wait, we have to fit this couch through our 2 foot wide entrance hallway. Hmm... So that wipes out some, nope, most of our options. So either, A., this couch has to come in a box/be assembly required  or B., the couch (as-is) has to have measurements that allow it to fit through our narrow entrance way. And we need something that's not ridiculously expensive. And it has to have a dash of mid-century flair... What to do?!

So we really sat down and thought hard about what would work financially, spatially and aesthetically.

And we decided on...the Karlstad. 

It's cheap enough and the box will certainly fit through our entrance way. But we would customize it. My recent obsession with home decor blogs (like Apartment Therapy, OMG!) has led me to find a place called IKEA Hackers. What IKEA Hackers inspires to do is to take a normal IKEA object and modify it to make it look not-so-IKEA-y.

So. The plan:

I saw a post where someone took their IKEA Karlstad couch and transformed it into a retro-inspired loveseat. It was brilliant. So I am going to try and recreate this look for our apartment. I might skip buying a slip cover, and see how much it'll cost to get the back cushions tufted by an actual upholsterer instead. Because if it were done by me...yeah let's not even go there.

Shhh, no one has to know it's was a Karlstad...


October Nails: All About Nude

I've been in a "nude" mood lately. Nude polish creates a very clean, minimalist look which I'm all about. I decided to go for Chanel's polish in Jade Rose. It has a subtle pink undertone which I love, and it doesn't look completely washed out against my skin.

What are some of your go to nail colors this Fall?